Glad to see you here, welcome! My name is Sergey Salomakhin - I am a software architect, traveler, writer and pilot. Blessed with a beautiful wife, Larisa, whose love, support and understanding makes the most impossible things reality.

Born in Soviet Union, I survived its self-destruction and found myself to be completely incompatible with its crime-infested ruins. So I moved to Argentina and see this country as my new home. I also travelled quite a bit - for work and for pleasure - being to Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, US, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic...

This page will guide you through some of my life highlights - aviation writings, business endeavors, opinions sharing.


Aeronautics is something essential to me. Decades of flight-simming, many hours of real-life flying and a lot of aviation-related literature consumed finally transformed into my own book. "Virtual Pilot Manual" is about that amazing mix of most useful features and pitiful limitations of the existing flight simulation software.

Arguably, smart usage of such "computer games" may help tremendously during the ab-initio flight training in the real sky, making it safer and cheaper for a newcomer to earn his wings. And I proved my point, receiving a private pilot license with different ratings and endorsements in Canada.

Creation and publishing of the first volume cost me a year and a half of hard and passionate effort. Initial print was a complete success within the targeted audience, but overwhelming Internet piracy and resulting miserable business value of the printed work killed any interest in pursuing the follow-ups.

Apart from that, I authored a number of semi-scientific papers on virtual reality, embedded advertisement and human behavior, published in different countries. Those are generally leftovers from some of my commercial studies, and I like working on such papers just for the sheer fun of it.


Being always full of funny ideas and crazy plans, at some point I've met a brother-soul, Mikhail. Back in the 90-s he was actually listening to my rants like: "In the near future people will use the cell phones to pay for their purchases, and will be buying the mp3 songs by title, instead of those CD albums!" Mike was perfectly compatible with such ridiculous thoughts, so we have started a small company to promote our ideas, and called it Software Species Ltd.

We were not particularly lucky, but our entrepreneurship attempt sparked some really interesting projects that brought us both a huge feel of accomplishment, and a hard experience of failures. Working through the ups and downs we have learned a lot, but most importantly - developed an excellent, long-lasting friendship.


Back in the 90-s I have been passionately involved in the "Fidonet" type networks activity. The idea of direct communication with lots of people around the planet was fascinating, and the whole sub-culture of the on-line discussions changed my life forever.

As many of the virtual chat dwellers I've learned the hard way what the actual value of the written word is, and as soon as Internet became widely available, moved to this new, more sofisticated network. Today, inside a much more controllable discussion environment, I blog about flying and driving, talk about politics or eating out - whatever rings my bell at the moment.